Monday, June 27, 2011

Nerd Talk

The words "fewer" and "less" are often used incorrectly and, unfortunately, most people have no idea what the difference is between them.  I try really hard not to arrogantly correct people who use these words incorrectly, but I can't help myself.  It's actually really simple - fewer you can count and less you can not.  You have fewer items in your cart than you thought (obviously you can count the items in your cart).  You have less dust in your house than you had last week (obviously you can't count dust).  Another easy way to remember fewer and less is to remember that you shouldn't be able to make "less" plural.  You wouldn't have less dusts on your desk but you do have fewer items.

Really, the only reason I bring up this topic is because the popular "15 items or less" signs really bother me.     How are we getting away with being so grammatically incorrect?  Didn't we learn this in 5th grade?

Thanks for letting me rant :).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Somehow I completely forgot to blog in the month of May.  It is now June 1st and I'm finding it hard to believe that the year is already half over.
This past weekend Josh and I went camping with a few friends.  We started out in Durango, but due to a frightening dog attack on one of my friends, plans changed and we went to Pogosa Springs instead.  Thankfully, my friend is ok and healing after almost having a lip torn off.
I love Colorado but there are just some parts that are stunning.  Josh and I kept exclaiming what a beautiful country it was.  I'm quite thrilled that Josh and I both enjoy the outdoors so much.  We are able to experience adventures together while enjoying each other's company.  Our next adventure this summer: backpacking!  I'll be sure to write all about this new experience for both Josh and I.  The pictures below are from our trip this past weekend: