Friday, September 9, 2011

Downtown Living

We moved into our new rental last weekend.  Thankfully, with all the help, we were able to move everything from the apartment to the house in three hours!  Josh and I spent the four day weekend moving, painting, and making our house a home.  It was tiring but nice to get things completed efficiently.  Zoey is thrilled to have a backyard and spends a lot of time running from one end of the fence to the other or carrying sticks around (we have a cute dog).  I'm enjoying having skylights in my office so that I can work in natural lighting instead of using electricity.  I'm not done decorating, but have added some pictures of the current state our house is in. It's frustrating trying to decorate on a budget.  This is why I watch "Design on a Dime" every Saturday morning.  Plus it's fun to drink coffee, snuggle on the couch with the hubby, and watch home decorating shows.

This is our storage room/Zoey's room.  We don't have any kids so of course she gets her own room.  Duh!  Zoey's bed cover is currently being washed.
 This is one view of the kitchen...
 And this is the other view.
 Living Room
 Living Room (I intentionally left out the TV view.  Not the prettiest view, in my opinion.  Josh would argue this).  Don't forget to check out the cute dog in this picture :).
 Stairs and small bathroom underneath the stairs.
 Master bedroom (a little bland at the moment).
 Guest Room.
 My office.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zoey's 8 month update

Zoey is officially eight months tomorrow and I'm feeling somewhat guilty for not writing updates about her since we first brought her home.  If it was up to Josh, we'd be writing daily Zoey updates.  He thinks she's his daughter and I often find him cuddling in bed with her instead of me (no joke).  We've now come to the agreement that Zoey can sleep in the bed on weekends, which obviously only confuses her more.  Poor dog.

Quite often, I find myself wondering why I chose such a hyper breed.  Zoey NEVER slows down.  She loves people, which is only adorable until she starts jumping all over them (we're still trying to figure out how to train her not to do this).

She's on the smaller side for her age and her ribs still jut from her small frame (I swear, we feed her)!  Our monthly Wag N' Wash bill will attest to that.  It's amazing how strong she is though.  This definitely comes in handy when I'm running her and only have to exert about half the energy I normally would exercising.

And to conclude, I've added some pictures of our adorable, crazy, sweet, overly-friendly puppy.