Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anniversary Numero Dos

Yesterday was our second anniversary. I spent the day working, treated myself to Panera Bread, and hung out with a friend who just had surgery. Missing important dates together kind of become normal in the military. I hate to say this, but it doesn't even phase me anymore. Obviously it's sad not to have your best friend with you during special times, but I also know that nothing can be done about it. I've decided to try to keep our anniversaries somewhat special by documenting each year with a picture. So far, this is what I have:

September 25, 2012

1st Anniversary (Naples, FL)

2nd Anniversary (Skype Date)

Monday, September 24, 2012

26.2 miles...DONE!

I'm so excited to have another thing to cross of my bucket list - a marathon! I can't wait to have an entire week off of exercising and eating healthy food! I know that sounds horrible, but you have to be so dedicated when training that I'm tired of being "good."

Here's a recap of my weekend. Friday afternoon, my friend Karen and I drove up to Denver. I'm so thankful to have a good friend that wanted to be there with/for me. It shows a true selflessness. Although I'm sad that Josh couldn't be there, I'm happy that I was able to share this experience with Karen (and Sarah, who showed up later). We checked into our surprisingly nice hotel in downtown Denver. We quickly put on some deodorant and lipgloss and walked a few blocks to the convention center where the packet pick up was. We then walked downtown and finally decided on dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Here's a picture of me carb loading!

At Cheesecake Factory

We went to bed pretty early that night. I actually slept pretty well that night - apparently I wasn't as nervous as I thought. We got up the next morning at 5 a.m. and headed to grab some coffee, bagels, and fruit. After breakfast, we got ready and walked a few blocks to the starting line. I'm so thankful that it wasn't very cold that morning because I don't do well in cold weather. The weather was actually perfect. 

Beginning of the race
Re-adjusting my bib
Running with a picture of Josh

I'll cut out some of the boring details and just get to the actual run. The first 3 miles were a breeze and I was running at a 9.5 minute mile. I actually had to make myself slow down a few times so that I could avoid getting tired too quickly. The first 13 miles were pretty easy. I think this was because I've done a few half marathons and always know what to expect. Miles 13-16 were ok....but kind of boring. I was also feeling pretty sore and had to stop a few times to stretch. After mile 16 was when I had to talk myself into continue running. My hardest miles were 16-20. I think after 20, I realized that I only had 6 miles left. Those 6 miles were hard but not as bad as the previous miles had been.

I ran most of the way, but there were a few times where I did stop to walk for a minute. I got to the point where walking hurt worse than running. I guess my body was so used to running at that point that even walking hurt.

After mile 24, my speed picked up. It's funny how much more energy you have than you think you do. Crossing the finish line was a great feeling! I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time I do a marathon. As hard as it was, the outcome makes it all worth it.


Video of my finish

Friday, September 7, 2012

Missing my best friend

I'm missing my husband, companion, other half, and best friend. I remember how hard these last few months are from our last deployment. The fact that our communication has been cut in half hasn't helped things. I'm just ready for my man to be home.

Ever heard of a donut of misery? Kind of corny, but here's mine :).

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marathon Training

So my marathon is a frightening three weeks away. To be honest, I'm not really sure if I'm ready. Sometimes I think I am...and then I second guess myself. My longest run was 18 miles. According to everything I've read (which is a massive amount of material), you don't need to run any more than 18-20 miles in order to prepare for a marathon. The last month before the marathon you are supposed to start tapering your runs. Last weekend I ran a half marathon. It was a pretty slow pace (I was running with a friend who wasn't as prepared as I was). I felt really good at the end of the half marathon except for some tight muscles.

This month I'm working on running shorter distances in a faster time. You'll be more prepared if you strengthen yourself than if you try to run long distances. If I survive this race, I'll definitely post about it. I'm excited/nervous! I'm sad that Josh can't be there for me, but my good friend Karen is coming along to cheer me on.

And lastly, I can't wait to have a little bit more time to myself. Training for a marathon takes up a huge amount of time!

One last thing...I miss my hubby terribly. I find myself thinking more and more about his homecoming the closer it gets. Three months people!