Sunday, March 13, 2016

30 weeks...and counting

AH! I can't believe we only have 10 more weeks of this pregnancy. I've been so blessed to have had a fairly easy pregnancy. I've been dealing with siatica issues this last week, but it's not even that bad so I can't complain. I went on my Saturday 4 mile run and had to laugh at how slow I've become. I'm basically shuffling. But I'm so blessed that I'm still able to go out and run at 30 weeks.

We also had our baby shower yesterday. We have such wonderful friends here at Fort Rucker that went above and beyond to make this shower perfect. It was an adorable aviator theme with the cutest decorations. They also went way out of their way to provide a spread of food that was gluten and dairy free. Trust me, that's not easy! We got a ton of wonderful gifts and I believe we're stocked up on diapers for a while :).

Gunner is definitely growing. It's so weird to see how dramatically my belly can move while he's moving or how lopsided he can make it :). I can't wait to meet this adorable little stinker.

Here's some recent pictures from the shower and past weeks.