Sunday, June 2, 2013

So much to write little time

Ok, I'm going to try to bust this blog out as fast as possible. :) I hate to make these blogs such little priority, but let's be honest, they can't be a priority in my busy life. I love my new job, but it very high-stress and I don't get a second to breath. I'm also finishing up my masters degree so between my running and school, I have very little extra time after work.

So let me try to catch everyone up on the last few weeks. I've been a basket-case of emotions. What's new? Thankfully I have a sweet husband who puts up with it and jokes that it's the punishment men have to bear when Adam sinned. Ha ha...not funny. :)

I really have been enjoying my summer with him, though. Due to the life God has given us (military), we make the most out of the little time we actually get together. Last weekend we saw our first concert at Red Rocks together. If you've never been there, I'd say it's a must see. It's beautfiul, to say the least. We saw Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers Band, Casey Donahew, and Wade Bowen (all amazing Texas country singers).

The next day we got up and ran the Bolder Boulder. This was by far, my favorite run. The entire town of Boulder comes out to cheer on the runners and make their experience amazing (let's just say Josh made the most of it with beer and slip and slides). I think I'm married to a 21 year old. Overall, it was a great weekend.

On a more serious note, I made my first appointment with a fertility specialist. I can't wait to just get this process started. It hasn't been the best last couple of weeks. I found out that two good friends are both pregnant.  It's so happy as I am for hurts so much to hear this information. I'll try to stay positive and hope that my fertility specialist can give me answers.

It's life though—God gives each of us our own struggles. Mine just happens to be this. I'm blessed with my little family (hubby and dogs) and so happy with the life God has given me. I just need to be reminded to stay positive because I truly am blessed.

Red Rocks Amphitheater 

Bolder Boulder