Saturday, May 9, 2015

Settled In

We're finally settled in and able to go back to life as normal. I'm enjoying working from home and saving on gas (although, I do go stir crazy and make Josh go on walks almost every night just so I can get out of the house). Josh starts his five week training/school on Tuesday. We won't see each other for that entire time. Much better than a deployment but still sucks. Since we don't know anyone here, Jax, Zoey, and I are going to have to figure out some major bonding time.

Last week we ran the Army 10 miler and somehow, I placed 7th for overall female...what?? I'm not competitive and have never run to place. All the glory goes to Josh for pushing me and Alabama for being at sea level. This 31 year old has still got it! :)

We've also made some steps towards our adoption. We've picked an agency and begun some of the application process. At this time, we're really focusing on saving as much money as we can. Coming out of a very expensive IVF, we want to be smart about this. As much as I'd love to start the homestudy now, we're going to wait until we've saved more money. We're so blessed to have wonderful family and friends who are excited for us and support us through this process.

And now, I shall leave you with some pictures.

 Fishing...because that's what people do here