Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pain is weakness leaving the body....right??

Yesterday, Josh and I ran the Spartan race. It's not your typical mud run. This is a 4.5 mile run that incorporates military style obstacles. This was the first run I've been able to do with Josh and we both had so much fun....although I came out feeling like I was just beat my an iron rod. The amount of bruises and scrapes I have on my body are a bit ridiculous. But we had so much fun and I loved having the hubby lift me over many of the obstacles! :)

We've also been trying to take the pups out more. A couple of weekends ago we took them up the Incline for their first time. They did great! Me...not so much. I get anxiety when I get nervous. Let's just say the pups were making me nervous. It's such a steep incline and my fear is that one of them will trip someone or start falling backwards. They did wonderful though and we made it to the top! We always try to run down the trail, but Zoey stopped half way down. She had had enough of running. She's kind of like me...stubborn.

Last weekend we made a trip up Gold Camp road (a frighting drive up the side of a mountain) and had a little picnic at the top. We let the pups run around while we ate lunch. I love my little family.

Things have been busy so we always try to do something fun on the weekends (especially now that the weather is getting nicer). I recently got a new job as a Communications Administrator so my hours are longer and I have less time to get things around the house done. It's been crazy...but a good kind of crazy.

Here are some pictures of our latest adventures:

Top of the Incline

Spartan Finish

Mountain picnic