Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm not sure which is worse - pre-deployment or the actual deployment.  If I had to answer this, it would obviously be deployment but there's something about pre-deployment that drains a person.  It's the inevitable constantly looming over us.  It's the knowledge of what's to come and the constant effort to make every second count.  It's the dreaded thoughts that uninvitedly pop into your head at random moment and the constant denial that "something" could happen.  It's a feeling that most will never know.

Along with these feelings, there's also an amazing sense of pride that I have in saying that my husband is fighting for our country.  And Josh isn't just any soldier.  He's got an amazing work ethic and loves his job.  He thrives as a leader.'s to hoping this month goes by both slow and fast.  Slow so that I can enjoy every second with Josh but fast so that I can begin my countdown for his return.