Friday, November 9, 2012


I've always been a very intense/uptight person. I hate everything about it...but unfortunately there's nothing I can really do...unless I want to take some sort of pill...or take up yoga. :)

My A Type personality has had both positive and negative effects. The positive side is that I'm always extremely organized and up to date on everything. The negative side is that I'm always stressed. This stress often takes a toll on my body...often in the form of bad break outs. Relaxing is not easy for me. I always feel like there is something I need to be doing.

Although I do believe I have a very light form of anxiety, I don't think it's anything to worry about (which I do very well, by the way) :). If you know me well, you'll notice small symptoms of this anxiety. Josh likes to make fun of me (I'm thankful that he can laugh it off). I've never had a panic attack, but sometimes I do notice extreme nervousness. This can really happen anywhere, but for some reason, usually happens when I'm driving. Every once in a while, I will experience what feels like shortness of breath. I feel the need to take long, deep breaths 3 to 4 times a minute. Thankfully, this usually only lasts for a few days. I also have nervous habbits such as popping my wrists and neck and consantly playing with my hair. I'm always extremely tense in my shoulder and neck area.

Ok...I promise I'm normal people. This is about as strange as I get :).

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